Friday, December 20, 2019

The Lazarus Project And Grace Ministries The Role Of...

The Lazarus Project and Grace Ministries: The Role of Religious Nonprofits in Addressing Personal and Social Problems Ines W. Jindra Abstract: In this paper, a review essay of Psychology and Spiritual Transformation in a Substance Abuse Program: The Lazarus Project, I examine spiritual transformation in the context of substance abuse and homelessness. I first tackle the question whether change results mostly from individual spiritual transformation experiences or the social surrounding converts are part of based on my own research on spiritual transformation and homelessness as well as Williamson and Hood’s work, and then examine the debate surrounding the application of Foucault’s â€Å"technologies of self† to programs such as the Lazarus Project. The last part of the paper offers a few methodological suggestions in the study of similar projects. Keywords: addictions, homelessness, spiritual transformation, religious conversion, recovery Introduction Scattered throughout many cities in the U.S., one will find a variety of nonprofit organizations that assist and work with individuals and families suffering from addictions, homelessness, and poverty. A crucial part of the safety net, these organizations rely on a mix of public and private funding to fulfill their goals, which range widely across a number of constituencies and needs. Some of them are branches of international organizations, such as the Salvation Army, while others are often agencies with local roots. Some

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