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Green Supply Chain Management ( Gscm ) Essay - 1774 Words

Today with the increase in global warming, air pollution and environmental degradation, environmental issues have become a prevalent concern for governments, societies and business organizations. Most of the environmental problems are considered to emanate from business organizations. Consequently greening the supply chain has become necessary as managers have increasingly begun to realize the need to be both environmentally and socially accountable for their activities. Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is a relatively new concept that is becoming popular among manufacturers as both environmental and social issues are increasingly being recognized as management issues (Luthra, Kumar, Kumar Haleem, 2011). Green supply chain can be defined as the integration of environmental concerns into the inter-organizational practices of SCM including reverse logistics (Sarkis, Zhu Lai, 2011). Reverse logistics is the process of retrieving the product from the end consumer for the purposes of capturing value or proper disposal. Activities include collection, combined inspection/ selection/ sorting, re-processing/ direct recovery, redistribution, and disposal. Management of wastes in the outbound function such as reverse logistics and waste exchange can lead to cost savings and enhanced competitiveness (Rao, 2003). Increased globalization has greatly increased competition and this has brought about a growing demand flexibility and cost efficient systems by companies. Through theShow MoreRelatedContoh Revisi Rancangan Penelitian I1126 Words   |  5 Pagesdikenal dengan Green Supply Chain Model (GSCM) karena turut mensinergikan ilmu rantai pasokan dengan manajemen lingkungan. Dalam jurnal ilmiah Opportunities In Green Supply Chain Management, Johnny C. Ho, Maurice K. Shalishali, Tzu-Liang (Bill) Tseng, dan David S. Ang memberikan pemaparan singkat tentang GSCM : The green supply chain model shows the various points where wastes occur and opportunities exist to limit waste by reuse, recycling, and remanufacturing. In a green manufacturing environmentRead MoreWhat Is Supply Chain Management? Essay2257 Words   |  10 Pagessustainable and green supply chain management (GSCM). These GSCM’s are designed to take on old supply chain management systems by reducing the environmental costs of the supply chain. However there is no one industry normal way of doing this and there are many different reasoning’s as to why a company would want to have a GSCM system. In the literature review many articles focused on GSCM will be examined to further understand were agreement son GSCM and misconceptions are. It will help show how GSCM can beRead MoreThe Importance Of Green Supply Chain Management1230 Words   |  5 PagesYour Paper ABSTRACT Top manufacturers in advanced countries normally have high environmental awareness and gadget practical environmental management observes such as green supply chain management (GSCM). Still, it is uncertain if lesser manufacturers in established coun- tries are more practical than all manufacturers in unindustrialized countries. To recognize this situation, we carried out surveys between minor andRead MoreEnvironmental Sustainability Through Green Supply Chain Management1872 Words   |  8 Pages through Green Supply Chain Practices: A Study on Indian Automobile Sector Saad Bin Azhar Research Scholar, Department of Business Administration Aligarh Muslim University ABSTRACT: Purpose – This paper highlights the role of green management practices in the development of environmentally responsive supply chains. The purpose of this paper is to reviewRead MoreReducing The Bull Whip Effect1373 Words   |  6 Pagesaddressing any short coming giving attain benefits in accessibility in point of sale data. Capturing data will provide valuable information which escapes up and down the supply chain unannounced the demand that is required in satisfying the customers. Combining all aspects in every characteristic collected at the lower level of the supply chain internally joins the common pieces and companies to share each and every demanding data. Stifling commodity that are forecasted prior to the actually event will deemRead MoreEconomic And Environmental Performance Of Vendor-Verhouse Gas ( VMI ) Supply Chains1295 Words   |  6 Pagesenergy consumption when reworking defective items and repairing machines. In this regard, this paper develops two-level (V endor-buyer) supply chain models that tackle these issues. The classical and vendor-managed inventory with consignment stock (VMI-CS) are considered as coordination policies. The objective of each model is to minimize the total cost of the supply chain, which includes the costs of inventory, GHG emissions and tax, energy usage, process quality, and transportation operations. The decisionRead MoreLiterature Review Supply Chain Management Essay5873 Words   |  24 Pagesï » ¿ Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review David Smith BUSI 610 Organizational Design and Structure Abstract Supply chain management is a practice that involves the planning, supervision, and implementation of strategies and controls to direct the movement of goods and services provided to customers. The intent of this essay is to incorporate a synopsis of existing literature and to provide the reader with a general understanding of how supply chain management correlates withRead MoreGreen Supply Chain Management Case Study933 Words   |  4 Pagesbeyond the boundary of their companies to implement green supply chain management (GSCM), that is, integrating environmental struggle into their SCM (Zhu et al., 2007). Leading firms in developed countries such as Japan are always proactive to environmental requirements, implementing inventive GSCM practices before and beyond regulatory requirements (Hosogai et al., 2009). For example, leading Japanese manufacturers implement GSCM at a upper level than Chinese manufacturers, andRead MoreThree Kinds Of Eco-Design1078 Words   |  5 Pagesmanufacturers and minor and medium-sized Japanese manufacturers are alert to international rules/alertness, but such alertness explain no effect on GSCM performs excepting eco-design. Indifference, traditional Chinese manufacturers are the minimum alert of international environmental rules/policies, whereas such limited alertness can apply to all GSCM performs. Many potential reasons may exist for such conditions. First, eco-design may be sufficient or at least helpful to overcome tasks from internationalRead MoreGreen Supply Chain Management3556 Words   |  15 PagesGreen Supply Chain Management Environment Management Project Group Members: Smruti Ranjan Dora F016 Ishan Mittal F036 Deepankar Mukherjee F037 Pratik Nandekar F040 Akash Pandey F044 Kriti Talwar F064 Contents 1. INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................................................................... 3 2. Globalization and Greening the Supply Chain: .................................................................................

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