Monday, February 10, 2020

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Report Essay

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Report - Essay Example Keep it simple when it comes to developing the content. Keep it non-legal. When writing the assignment, assume that you are talking to the CEO of software or manufacturing company. Thus, including only important aspects of IPR that are useful for them. For each of the following aspects of your report, decide which statement best describes your achievement of the criteria and use this to determine a mark. A range of marks is associated with each statement. For example, if you think that ‘The overall structure of your report is logical. Information is for the most part organised in well constructed sections and paragraphs.’ best describes your achievement under Organisation of material, the range of available marks is between 60 and 69. If you think you have fully achieved at this level you can award yourself a mark of 68 or 69. If you feel that you have mostly achieved at this level, you might give yourself a mark of 64 or 65. And if you have only just reached this level of achievement give yourself a mark of 60. Please note that this self-assessment does not affect the actual marks that will be awarded by the tutor. The purpose is to discover how far your perception of your achievement matches the marks that are assigned by the

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